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Are You Ready for Your Move?

It’s almost here… moving day! The excitement, the anticipation and, yes, the stress are all building up. However, the team at Jacob Title knows that making the right moving decisions and planning ahead can make all the difference between a happy day and a day you’d rather forget.

The Process of Packing

Do you know what a Bill of Lading is? According to the dictionary, a Bill of Lading is a “a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods.” Basically, before the moving company loads your goods onto the truck, they are required to provide you a list of what is actually going on the truck according to their records. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION! Make sure that it matches your records and the terms of the order you originally agreed to. Keep your copy, try to supervise the packing process and inspect your belongings as they make it to your new home. Having all your paperwork and records will help you in recouping any costs involved in damaged property. One last thing… don’t forget that damage can also occur at the home you’re leaving. Once the movers have left, do one last walk through. Check all the drawers, cabinets and closets, but also check the house itself. Confirm that no damage was caused by the movers and that everything is as it should be to ensure the new owners have nothing to hold you accountable for.

On the Road Again

Once your household belongings are in transit, there are a few more details that you can take care of. If you are using a moving company, make sure to give the movers your access number so that should there be a problem they can call you directly. Also, by all means, don’t forget to tip. Just as a guide, the typical amount is $20-25 dollars per mover. If you’re handling the move yourself by using a rental truck, be sure you take it easy and realize you’re not driving a car. Be careful of bridges and overpasses with low clearance, fast food drive-thrus and by all means, if you stop for a break be sure to lock the truck! The quickest way to ruin a move is by having all your stuff stolen.

Home Sweet Home

If possible, try your best to make it to your new home before the movers do. The last thing you want to have to do is pay for them to stand around waiting doing nothing. ALWAYS do one last walk through, preferably with your real estate agent, to ensure that your new home is as it should be before you move in. Are the utilities on, do the plugs, faucets and toilets work correctly? It may seem simple but it will definitely make your first days in your new home less stressful.

Making a House a Home

If your packing went right on the front end, then unloading and unpacking should go much easier in the new place. By being able to supervise the movers during the unload, you’ll be able to confirm that the furniture and boxes are being put into the correct rooms. One of the best pieces of advice that we at Jacob Title can share with you is not to hide unpacked boxes! Don’t put them in the basement or a hall closet. Unpacking all your boxes not only reduces the stress of there always being more to do, but you will also discover any damaged goods before it’s too late to get reimbursed.

No matter how much you’ve prepared and planned ahead, moving day always comes with some level of stress. Pay as much attention to details as possible, keep track of all your paperwork and records and most importantly take care of yourself. Nothing will get done at the new place if you’re overworked, overwhelmed and hungry. Take breaks, eat snacks and let Jacob Title assist you in making sure your new home is protected with mortgage and title insurance. Contact us today!


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