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The Best Time to Sell or Buy a Home is During the Holidays

The Best Time to Sell or Buy a Home is During the Holidays
The Best Time to Sell or Buy a Home is During the Holidays

During the holidays, you’re busy planning parties, organizing schedules and shopping for gifts, but did you know that the holidays are the best time to buy or sell a home? The real estate lawyer experts at Jacob Title are here to help you when your perfect house could be waiting under the Christmas tree.

When to Buy a Home During Holidays If you are on the buying end and wish to get the best buying deal for a new home, then here are some top reasons to buy a home during the holiday season:

Sellers are Motivated: Individuals who are on the selling end usually have great incentive to sell their home during the holiday times. In case the house chosen by you is in the market already, then the incentive gets multiplied. You can use this emergency situation to your advantage by negotiating in a fair manner with the seller. Better Rates of Interest: During the holidays, it is observed that the overall rates of interest tend to be cyclical lower than the usual times. This should not be confused with the generosity of the sellers, but due to a limited demand which forces great competition among the lenders. Higher Tax Advantages: If you are aimed at itemizing your taxes, then you can deduct proper points along with mortgage interest and property taxes. Lesser Marketing Activity: There is a substantial decrease in the number of real estate transactions due to a myriad of factors. These might include the festivity, school & work activities, weather conditions and so more. All of these might lead to lesser market activities which could be to your advantage. By having less competition in the market during the holiday season, you can grab your dream house at the best possible price.

How to Sell a Home During Holidays As profitable is buying a home during holidays, even selling of the house can be made highly lucrative due to the following reasons:

Buyers Tend to More Serious: Anyone who would be purchasing a new home during the holidays might have to buy the same before a given deadline. January is considered to be the ideal month for potential job transfers. Therefore, various home buyers must be looking for a new home before the year ends. As such, if you are looking for a potential buyer of the home, the holiday season is the best time. Lesser Competition: As the number of real estate transactions might drop substantially during the holiday times, there is going to be relatively much lesser competition in the market. This escalates your chances of being the most preferred seller out there for those who might be looking for a new home during the holiday season.

The professional and experienced staff at Jacob Title can help you navigate the real estate market and avoid any pitfalls that you may be facing. Once you’ve found the right home you’ll need the right real estate closing. Contact us today @ 256-882-5673 your buying or selling a home or go online today and use our Rate Calculator.


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